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What Is Brew: The Museum of Beer?

Brew: The Museum of Beer will be a major tourist attraction designed by internationally-recognized experts in museums and beer studies. Comparable in size and scope to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Brew will be able to accommodate 400,000+ visitors per year. State-of-the-art technology will underpin the entire experience, maximizing visitor engagement through interactive exhibits and activities.

Pennsylvania has some amazing breweries.  From the oldest brewery in America to new craft beer start-ups, PA has a lot to offer the beer and brewery enthusiast (insert cheers from all beer lovers of PA here).

Brew: The Museum of Beer has developed an interactive map of breweries throughout Pennsylvania. Check it out!

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Ways To Support the Museum

Volunteer and Donate

Because the primary missions of Brew: The Museum of Beer are education and community improvement, we rely heavily on volunteers and donations as we get the ball rolling with the Beer Museum.  Click for more information on ways to volunteer or donate.

Our Supporters

We would not be were we are today without our past and current supporters.  Brew: The Museum of Beer sincerely appreciates all of our supporters; including organizations like Guinness Storehouse, local Pittsburgh government, volunteers, beer organizations, and more.

Founders' Wall

Those who have donated time, money, and/or resources to the creation of Brew: The Museum of Beer will be enshrined in a Founders' Wall once the building is created.  Here is a digital version of the wall until the actual structure is built.

If it wasn’t for beer we might all still be wandering around doing that hunter-gatherer thing...

Brew: The Museum of Beer will be a bottom-up venture, developed in collaboration with the beer making and beer drinking communities. Input and support will be solicited at all stages of the endeavor.

The Brew experience will span the totality of beer, from the gods and saints representing its spiritual and profound aspects, to its more base elements, including the grinches and villains in the world of beer.

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Let's drink work together

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with Brew: The Museum of Beer today! Look out for us when it comes to a fun, quality, state-of-the-art beer education and experience! We are looking forward to beering hearing from you.

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