Why a Brew Museum in Pittsburgh?

A neutral big beer market with a lot of beer history.

Legitimate Roots in Beer

  • Over 250 year history of brewing in Pittsburgh

  • Over 123 breweries in Western Pennsylvania

  • Over 40 breweries in Allegheny County alone

  • Rated in the top 10 Cities for Beer by SmartAsset.com

  • Rated Best City for Beer Lovers by Redfin.com


"Pittsburgh has emerged as a city of beauty and culture." -World Guide


Pittsburgh is the Perfect Spot Because...

  • Pittsburgh mirrors the rest of America's history with beer regarding immigration, industrialization, consolidation, and renaissance.
  • Pittsburgh is located within driving distance (500 miles) of 45% of the United States and Canadian population.
  • Pittsburgh is sited as one of the best cities to live and visit in America by media outlets like Travel Channel, New York Times, USA Weekend, Zagat, The Today Show,and more.
  • Pittsburgh is not dominated by one dominant brewer, so every brewery's' history has an equal right to the Brew Museum.

"Pittsburgh is a city on the rise!" - USA Today Travel Tips

Good For the City

  • A museum of beer will have a huge impact on a city the size of Pittsburgh.  It will give the area a key attraction to draw in beer loving tourist.

  • The Brew Museum will also provide Pittsburgh with a tremendous amount of PR in both traditional mediums and on social media.

  • Locals will have another attraction to visit and establishment to be employed by.

  • The draw of locals and tourist will increase spending for local businesses, other attractions, the travel industry, and tax revenue.

pittsburgh 10th street bridge

"This city's on fire!" - Conde Nast