Why a Beer Museum

The Story of Beer is Facinating--Don't Believe Us? Check the stats.

Beer is at the heart of—and may have been a major factor in—the birth and development of civilization. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, the 3rd most popular beverage overall. Much of the history of beer is fascinating. Learning about beer can be almost as fun as drinking it.

Beer is substantial and significant. Throughout the history of civilization. In its connection with all major facets of history. In its place in our culture and economy, in the past, present and future. In our lives and in our connections to others.

Beer consumed by the average adult last year:
Overall Beer Market:
Billion Dollars
People that enjoy beer

Beer Deserves a Noble Home. An expansive, comprehensive, interactive museum to tell the 10,000-year-old Story of Beer


Everyone Else Has One...

There is a museum for just about anything that you can think of! Seriously, go 'head, try it! Soap museum? Done. Trash museum? Old news. Cowboy museum? Been there, done that. What about bananas? No way they did the banana museum already! Yeah...they have a museum, too. There is a museum for Spam, mustard, hobos, dogs, wild turkey, bighorn sheep, tops and yoyos, clocks and watches, roller skating, lighters, bad art, barbed wire (ouch--wonder how that works), funerals, balloons, toilets, spies, mobsters, PEZ, UFOs, bigfoot, and more.

So if EVERYONE ELSE can have their museum, why can't we?