George Washington

1774 - Porter Beer

Robert Hare Jr. Introduces Philadelphia and America to Porter Beer

The beer was a favorite of the founding fathers. George Washington wrote,  

“I beg you will send me a gross of Mr. Hairs (sic) best bottled Porter. If the price is not much enhanced by the copious droughts you took of it at the late procession.” 

Painting by Gilbert Stuart; photograph by Gavin, Ashworth. Retrieved from

John Adams

John Adams effused,

“I drink no Cyder, but feast upon Phyladelphia Beer, and Porter. A Gentleman, one Mr. Hare, has lately set up in this City a Manufactory of Porter, as good as any that comes from London. I pray We may introduce it into the Massachusetts. It agrees with me, infinitely better than Punch, Wine, or Cyder, or any other Spirituous Liquor.”

Written to his wife Abigail Adams on September 29, 1774

Painting by John Trumbull (detail), 1793. Exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC. Retrieved from